Finally . . . Science combines with Fun on this educational, experiential Luxury Cruise vacation.

You can enjoy a life full of mental and physical energy as you create and rejuvenate with the unique

This is not another dull classroom listening experience. You will be immersed in fun, sensory experiences and, day by day, your creativity will come alive in an environment of color and sound. You'll uncover talents beyond your own belief. It's based on science, but it feels like fun. Yes, with paints, brushes, and a backdrop of music, you'll begin an innovative journey. While you create artistry (that you didn't know you had buried within), you'll be opening brain receptors and building mental acuities that will last the rest of your life!

Sign up for the Sound of Color Cruise event and prepare to overcome and achieve these benefits:
  • Become a Happier, Healthier Person no matter your age!
  • Relieve and Eliminate Stress – Through a unique combination of Art & Music; various parts of your Brain are stimulated to create RESISTANCE to STRESS!
  • Protect your Brain from Aging! – Increase Brain Connectivity & New Brain Connections
  • Increase Focus and Concentration
  • Ward off depression through stimulation of Dopamine
  • Retard or Block the onset or effects of Dementia/Alzheimers now or later in life
  • Engage in unique Team Building exercises and many more!

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There are few events that are as beneficial, engaging, and fun like this program. You will be among the countless fans that offer praises to Carole Helt, her staff, and this amazing interactive program. Enter a new season of your life by stepping into the brand new world called Sound of Color. It will literally bring out the best in you, now, and for years to come.
Even more benefits:
  • This event helps to boost your Self-Esteem
  • Increases Brain Plasticity, Intelligence, IQ and Attention Span
  • Delays age related Decline of certain Brain Functions
  • Out-Of-The-Box WHOLE BRAIN thinking helps you to discover your hidden individual talents!
  • Provides and enhances all-round mental development

Experience Sound of Color, first-hand . . . on a Norwegian Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise. Your life will change, and you'll have a blast! Sign up now for Sound of Color; best cabins go first.

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Cejay Helt
Cejay Helt is an internationally recognized artist recently awarded 2nd Place in an international contest. Published and featured in International Artist magazine and American Art Collector and recipient of many other awards. Originator and author of the SOUND OF COLOR, Musical Arts Program, which has been introduced to public and private schools as well as corporate seminars.
Cejay believes and has garnered scientific proof that there are powerful and compelling multiple dimensions of life which may be awakened only through experiencing and participating in the fine arts, which develop brain refinement. These compelling dimensions are tapped through therapeutic aspects of playful abstraction, accentuated through music, design, and color, to ignite your soul and mind.

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